Our ultimate mission is to ensure you experience smooth.
We work with only experienced specialists with proven skills and strong attention to detail.
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LuxMotive is an expert team of detailing specialists who pride themselves on the small details. As the name suggests, we are are experts in all things luxury. This includes detailing, restoration and providing maintenance to ensure your car meets quality standards and maintains value.

We are pleased to be able to provide prestigious, mobile services at reasonable prices for everyday drivers and their cars. The average Australian drives 15,530km per year, so it’s only fair that your driving experience is polished and SMOOTH whilst you collect those kms!

We are highly experienced in providing quality care for your vehicle. Whether it be a simple polish, or a luxury detail, our team of specialists will be sure to leave your car with a smooth finish like no other. 
We understand the importance of your car regardless of its age, size or price tag. Each car has a significant role to play in your life, from first dates to business lunches to road trips. This is why it is our mission to provide only the best quality car care available.
Trusted Specialists
Quality Workmanship
Quality Workmanship
I was recently visited by Luxmotive to have my car detailed and was very impressed. I hadn’t had a car in 3 years and after purchasing my baby, I wanted to keep it clean and polished! I didn’t realise that detailing your car actually helps maintain the value of your car for longer. John serviced my car and knew exactly what he was doing and what my car needed.
I called Luxmotive to book in my car for a wash and detail as I’m short for time with a busy work schedule. John made this process a breeze. He came straight to my house and wasn’t late for my 5pm booking. With such well priced packages, I will definitely be booking in for monthly washes and details as I need to have my car looking pristine for my corporate job. Thanks John.
I own a business and have 2 children, so if that doesn’t tell you I’m short on time, I don’t know what will! I called John to book in for a last minute wash and interior clean and I’m so glad I did. John drove to my house so I didn’t even need to leave my house and sit around waiting. He did such a great job. It makes such a difference getting into a clean and fresh smelling car.